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A Flowering of Quilts
Издательство/автор: Cox Crews Patricia
Рубрика: Wallpaper

The beautiful floral appliqué quilts of the nineteenth century have long been admired and appreciated. This book showcases fifty-three striking examples of these quilts, taken from the Ardis and Robert James Collection of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska. The quilts comprise a range of styles, including cut-out chintz appliqué quilts, album-style quilts, a number of red-and-green floral appliqué quilts, as well as a limited number of pieced quilts and crazy quilts. Included with each botanically inspired quilt is a detailed, informative description of its appliqué, piecing, and quilting techniques as well as enlightening background information concerning the historical, horticultural, and botanical influences on the quilt's design and execution. Helpful essays at the beginning of the book explore nineteenth-century women's sustained interest in botany and examine the fascinating parallels between the designs of flower gardens and those of quilts during that era.