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1001 Ideas for Floors: Flooring Solutions for Every Room
Издательство/автор: Emma Callery
Рубрика: Камень, Дерево в интерьере

From terra-cotta for the bathroom and natural fibre carpet for the living room to the right hardwood for the entryway - this is a comprehensive compendium of every single flooring type on the market. Find inspiration in hundreds of photographs showing just how you could transform your home, whether your style is dramatic parquet in the dining room or wipe-clean lino for the kids' rooms. Extensive directories of tiles, terrazzos, stones, vinyls, woods and finishes, and carpets allow you to pick out the solution that's right for your home and your budget. With expert advice on design, materials, budgets, maintenance and installation, 1001 Ideas for Floors will help you make choices better than any professional. Emma Callery is the author of numerous popular books on home decoration. Among her recent titles are Right First Time Decorating, Home Makeover and The Home Decorator's Colour Scheme Sourcebook. She has edited numerous other books covering all aspects of home decoration, including lighting, decorating, painting techniques and other craft-related subjects. She lives in Oxfordshire with her family.